TPE Compounds: EVOPRENE 7050A

EVOPRENE 7050A is an elastomeric material made for molding of soft grips. Compatible with PP for comolding.

Key Features
Broad service range
Compound type:TPE
Market:Industrial & Building
Application:Soft-Touch Grip
Processing method:Injection Molding
Durometer:75 A 10 Sec
Specific Gravity:1.11
Tensile Strength (MPa):7.50
Tensile Strength (Psi):1088
Elongation (%):400%
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Jay serves as Business Development Manager with close to 30 years of experience in the plastics industry. His strengths include having knowledge in a variety of markets and polymers and working closely with customers to develop the right compound for the application. Jay also sits on the Wire Association International (WAI) Board of Directors and chairs the WAI Member Relation Committee.
Jay Munsey

Jay Munsey