Mexichem Specialty Compounds’s key staff are experts in their field. Each one, whether commercial or technical, are all devoted to one single overriding priority - to deliver a product solution that exactly matches customer’s individual requirements.

Commerical Team

Nuestro equipo

Client liaison is vital if a product is to move from conception to delivery. Mexichem Specialty Compounds’s Commercial team is the conduit from customer to technical innovation.

United States

Ashley - Regional Sales Representative
Ashley Acuff
Regional Sales Representative
Jim - Northeast Regional Sales Manager
Jim Kelly
Northeast Regional Sales Manager
Michael - Midwest Regional Sales Representative
Michael Johnson
Midwest Regional Sales Representative
Jay - Business Development Manager
Jay Munsey
Business Development Manager
Tomas - Southwest Regional Sales Representative
Tomas Beamonte
Southwest Regional Sales Representative
Maryan - Technical Sales Representative
Maryan Awad
Technical Sales Representative
Rick - National Sales Manager
Rick Peiczarka
National Sales Manager
Mike - Northeast Regional Sales Manager
Mike Pullano
Northeast Regional Sales Manager
Eric - West Coast Regional Sales Representative
Eric Elsner
West Coast Regional Sales Representative


Jaume - Sales Account Manager
Jaume Pijoan
Sales Account Manager
James - Sales Account Manager
James Kassab
Sales Account Manager
Pascal - Sales Account Manager
Pascal Marchand
Sales Account Manager

United Kingdom

Robert - Technical Sales Manager
Robert Williams
Technical Sales Manager
Paul - Technical Sales Manager
Paul Stubbs
Technical Sales Manager
Philip - Sales and Techncial Director
Philip Goodinson
Sales and Techncial Director
Richard - European Sales Manager
Richard Day
European Sales Manager
Graham - Sales Account Manager
Graham Potter
Sales Account Manager
Phil - Sales Account Manager
Phil Jones
Sales Account Manager


Gautam - Strategy & Business Development Director, General Manager AMEA Region
Gautam Nivarthy
Strategy & Business Development Director, General Manager AMEA Region
Krishna - VP - Compounds Business, AMEA
Krishna Joshi
VP - Compounds Business, AMEA

Latin America

Juan Carlos - Regional Sales Executive
Juan Carlos Velazquez
Regional Sales Executive
Maria Paula - Regional Sales Manager
Maria Paula Gutierrez
Regional Sales Manager