LSHF Compound Solves Market Shortage Problem

MEGOLON® HF 8142 the Low Smoke Halogen Free ( LSHF ) plastic compound used in the wire and cable markets solves market shortage problems


The cable market in North America was utilizing a particular halogen free product for copper and fiber communication cables. The product was used in cable jackets and tight buffer applications. The market had a shortage of this product and major North American Cable Manufacturers came to Mexichem Specialty Compounds in search of a solution.

The problem

There was a market shortage of suitable halogen free products (LSHF) for copper and fiber communication cables. There were also issues with the existing materials in terms of quality control, reliability and in the processing of the material.


For use in various Communication Cable Jacket and Tight Buffer applications.


Due to a shortage of suitable halogen free products, it was vital that Mexichem Specialty Compounds responded to market need quickly - in order to minimize cable shortages and allow the industry to maintain stock. Our challenge was to develop a product that would perform as well as the original incumbent in all attributes; physical, thermal, flame retardency, and fluid resistance. The compound also needed to process on the equipment currently used by the manufacturers.

The Solution

Mexichem Specialty Compounds quickly developed MEGOLON® HF 8142, a superior product for the market. Not only did the Mexichem Specialty Compounds product meet all the attributes of the incumbent material, but it also processed much better.

The Result

MEGOLON® HF 8142 is currently sold as a cable jacket and tight buffer compound for many cable designs worldwide.

Although the original material shortage has been overcome, Mexichem Specialty Compounds retained the business, because of our willingness to innovate and create a solution to the market shortage of a halogen free product for the data cable industry and in doing so, create a superior product.

The solution was developed in less than a month, which demonstrated great customer service. The reliability, consistency and superior performance of the MEGOLON® HF 8142 products make them market leaders.

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