Building & Construction Thermoplastic Compound Solutions

The building and construction industry is the second largest consumer of plastics. We supply an extensive list of FR PP and TPE plastic compound solutions for pipes, profiles seals and fittings, heavy-duty uses and decorative touches, both inside and out.

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AGPP 71 Natural 15HDetails
AGPP 71 Natural 28Details
AGPP 71-4 NaturalDetails
AGPP 72 NaturalDetails
AGPP 81 A-R Black 2523Details
DURAL® GRE182Details
DURAL® GRE222Details
DURAL® GRE222UVDetails
DURAL® GRE223Details
DURAL® GRE223/1Details
DURAL® GRE225Details
DURAL® GRE226Details
DURAL® GRE227Details
DURAL® GRE228Details
DURAL® GRE233Details
DURAL® GRE341Details
DURAL® GRE344Details
DURAL® GRE360/2Details
DURAL® GRM263Details
DURAL® GRM263BSDetails
DURAL® GRM265Details
DURAL® GRM268Details

Structural and decorative plastic compounds

In building construction, plastics abound in plumbing fixtures, siding, flooring, insulation, panels, doors, windows, glazing, bathroom units, gratings, railings and a growing list of both structural and interior or decorative uses.

Mexichem Specialty Compounds can deliver Thermoplastic Compounds  that will continue to add speed to the construction process, save energy and reduce costs. From foundations to roofing and virtually everywhere in between, plastics will increasingly provide the answer for building materials that hold up and stand out.