Wire & Cable Plastic Compound Solutions

Our PVC compounds for wire and cable materials have led the industry in balancing electrical, mechanical, thermal and fire performance. From the basic to the most rigorous codes and testing procedures (and throughout the myriad of global standards) we understand the challenges our customers encounter in copper and fiber optic cable design. Browse our extensive list of CPE, FR PVC, LSHF, Plenum, TPE, TPO, TPU and TPV plastic compound solutions

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GARAFLEX E 4762 A5Details
GARAFLEX E 4771 A8 OR1Details
GARAFLEX E 4776 A9 UV LCFDetails
GARAFLEX E 4777 A6Details
GARAFLEX E 4780 A5Details
GARAFLEX EX 00 207FDetails
GARAFLEX EX 05 384GDetails
GARAFLEX G 7765 A5Details
GARAFLEX G 7782 A4Details
GARAFLEX G 7788 A6Details
GARAFLEX G 7795 A7Details
GARAFLEX O 9777 A2Details
GARAFLEX O 9939 NADetails
GARAFLEX O 9940 DWN RDetails
GARAFLEX O 9940 SADetails
GARAFLEX O 9980 NADetails
GARAFLEX V 9770 A2HDetails
GARAFLEX V 9791 A4Details
GARATHANE 6005Details
GARATHANE 9006Details
GARATHANE X 94 350B UVDetails

Higher performance levels

Together with your cable design concepts we endeavour to achieve even higher performance levels. We look for a greater understanding of the complex issues - whether material selection or technology standards - that govern our global wiring community. We continually strive for the crucial engineering balance that is so important to our customers’ success. We're happy to help you find the right thermoplastic compound solution for your application. The more information you give us, the better the recommendation we can give.